Good Eats Local

What is Good Eats Local?

Good Eats Local is a national publication. We reach out to locals through our network of followers, our subscriber base and various foodie groups to learn where to find the best restaurants, craft breweries and local activities their city has to offer. We then feature these establishments in Good Eats Local. That way, our followers can easily find Certified Good Eats in every city we cover.

With Good Eats, anyone who eats has a quick, easy-to-use, ad-free resource that lists the places locals enjoy the most.  Read the review and you can experience a particular restaurant through the eyes of a 3rd party before deciding to go. Our reviews also give helpful suggestions on what to try when you get there.

We provide a clean, simple publication so that our readers can experience the restaurant before ever walking through the door.  We feature great photography, a list of the items the establishment does best and what we thought of the place, the décor, the service and the menu. We supply you with the address, phone number, directions on how to get there and links to all their social media… oh yeah, and a 60-second video preview if you’re pressed for time.

The service we provide is a huge benefit to many local restaurants around the US. Some of the best restaurants are small Mom and Pop joints that lack the resources to leave the digital imprint necessary to compete with large chains. For a good example of what we mean, try Googling “best restaurants in (your city)”. Up pops Olive Garden… really? We want to change that.